Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Jack Ingram Has A Record And A Record

Jack Ingram is in the midst of a Guinness World Record breaking attempt to complete the most interviews in a 24-hour period. (By the time you read this he may be done.) From what I can gather, the record is 90-some interviews and Jack will shatter it with a scheduled 200+ interviews.

The reason for Jack's marathon media schedule is the release of "Big Dreams & High Hopes," a fine album that I highly recommend, which is in stores today (Aug. 25).

I watched a bit of Jack's back to back interviews on CMT.com, which is streaming video of the event. I tuned in when he talked to stations in Australia, which was pretty cool. I watched as Jack, framed by a New York bridge skyline, intelligently answered questions from DJs in Australia and then ended his segment with a somewhat inane back and forth with a jock somewhere here in the States.

For a guy that had been at it for 14 and some hours when I watched and listened, Jack was pretty durn lucid and on top of things. He was in good voice and treated each question, even the silly and repetitive ones like it was the first time he'd heard the question ever.

Texas artists who want to expand their horizons are often chastised in their home state and treated with skepticism outside of it, but Jack Ingram—long before he attempted this world record—is a man with ... wait for it ... "Big Dreams & High Hopes."

The great thing about Jack is that while he's willing to work hard to promote his record, he's also got a great record to promote.

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