Thursday, April 15, 2010

The Mile High Club

It's not what you think, but I just became a member of the mile high club. Heck, maybe even the 7 mile high club, if there is such a thing.

You see, I'm blogging at 38,000 feet thanks to a Wi-fi service on the Delta flight I'm taking to Las Vegas. Pretty cool, huh? I think it is. Sure, it cost a few dollars, but so do the movies I can watch on the screen immediately in front of me and so did the "dinner" I had. Oh, and the two bags I checked set me back $55.

I guess I haven't flown anything but Southwest in the last couple of years so I had forgotten all the add-ons airlines are charging for these days.

Oh well. At least I'm sitting on an aisle and the middle seat next to me is open. I hope they don't charge for that luxury one day.

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