Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Kid In Town

I just got back from an event that used to be commonplace in Music City: an over-the-top label launch party.

One Revolution Entertainment—not a country label, by the way—threw a big ol' party at ICON in the Gulch, a new, near-downtown Nashville condominium complex. The gala included multiple bars, young women circulating with hors d' oeuvres and live music. Oh, and goody bags!

A few of us that have spent some time on the Row reminisced about the old days when such parties were regular occurrences. We also marveled at how refreshing it was to be part of a proper launch. "This sure beats bag of stale Cheetos," one woman said to a group of us. We heartily agreed.

Warmer temperatures and a less windy evening are the only things that would have made the roof top soiree any better. Still, hundreds of guests seemed to enjoy it just fine.

The label's first two acts are Rob Blackledge and Nathan Lee, two immensely talented performers. (Disclosure: I wrote Rob's bio.) While Rob is a singer/songwriter (in the best sense of the words), Nathan is an intense performer. Publicist Kissy Black warned me before his set for Nashville Film Festival VIPs that since I was in the front row, I should be prepared for a shower of sweat from the energetic Nathan. While that gave me momentary pause about my choice of seats, I stood (or sat) my ground and was glad I did, right up until he flipped his keyboard rig at the end of his set.

Rob meanwhile, offered his own well-received set, comfortably moving between keyboard and acoustic guitar. Both men's performances reminded me once again that there is more going on in Nashville than just country music.

If there's one thing that my current situation has afforded me, it's the opportunity to go out and hear some great music. What a concept! Over the last years I've worked so hard (and been worked so hard) that I rarely got to enjoy what brought me to Nashville 19 years ago: music.


  1. I remember (some of those) events - the best part was, you really got to see if the act had any chops. Technology is so good now, we take for granted the idea of performing and singing. The only downside was not being able to always share that excitement with the audience - playing the record's not the same as seeing somebody really blow it out live. Good stuff!

  2. I'm missing those appetizers right now....